General Hydroponics

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Productive Hydroponic Garden

For general hydroponics, we can use 2-5 gallon pots, grow almost any vegetable plants we desire and feed in a range of 800ppm – 1300ppm. As far as the medium is concerned, we can use almost any hydroponic media, like peat/perlite, coco coir, coco coir/perlite combo, a sand mix, etc.

For our ongoing yearly food needs, we use a stacked pot garden system to cater to our general hydroponic needs. To build such a garden, we can go to one of our previous articles.

Now that we have a system for general hydroponics, we simply transplant our vegetables into our system and provide them adequate nutrition. In our universal garden, we grow strawberries, lettuce, tomatoes, zuccini, beans, cucumbers, peppers(bell, jalapeno, habanero, chiles de arbol) and nasturtiums all in the same pots.

General Hydroponics With a Variety of Fruit, Vegetables and Flowers

As far as adequate nutrition goes, this is very high on the ‘Dealbreaker’ to do list because all plants actually consume different amounts of food and water.

Luckily, if we use a hydroponic media that holds moisture and allows air into the root system, we can feed regularly to ensure our hungriest and thirstiest plants are well taken care of. In addition, our others will be fine too, especially if we top feed them.

To take things one step further, we can add more drippers to the heavy feeders and place them accordingly to each type of plant so that feeding rates can be customized throughout the garden.

Although this methodology works well, we can use a separate tank and feed the small nutrient eaters like lettuce and kale with a weaker mixture near 350ppm.

By using custom feeding for the various species of plants, our garden will thrive and we will keep our fertilizer costs low.


So there we have it. We can setup a general hydroponic garden to grow all our favorite vegetables all in one system. To make this a very affordable option, we can use a powder formula that is very soluble and does not clog drippers.

If we use liquid fertilizer, it can cost more to grow the vegetables than it costs to buy them. No hydroponic farmer does this because plant food is a major cost factor and most make their own.

Three hydroponic fertilizers that are designed for general hydroponic usage

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