Growlode is brand new. It is a lifestyle concept to benefit local growing and the environment. The idea is to break free from vegetable dependence. This means producing as local as possible; such as in a greenhouse, backyard or garage. You can read more about hydroponic and organic systems here.

About The Founder

Somewhere around 1993, I wrote hydroponic literature which lead to 10 years of hydroponic research and production. One book was stolen from a Berkeley publisher and two others went on to sell ~ 35,000 copies.

This research is a long story with a lot of ups and downs. In fact, I wrote my memoir back around 2002 when everything was fresh in my mind.

It was my version which is a blend of Jack Kerouac ‘On The Road’, ‘Blow’, ‘Point Break’ and ‘Taxi Driver’.

Fast Forward 10 Years After

In the last 10 years, I have spent about four as a tree planter and the later six as a web developer. The tree planting part extends before that and I estimate I had planted about 3,000,000 + seedlings. The web developer was a career change in addition to the fascination I had to be able to build web applications.

As far as growing goes, it is now 2020, thirteen years later after my book publications. The plan now, is that I am continuing where I left off, but, this time with vegetables and more emphasis on web development, such as monitoring gardens via the web and microcomputing.

I live very clean, exercise a lot and the Growlode concept is the least I can do for my family, self and others. It is so obvious that food quality is an obvious step to better heath and environment.

Getting back to the concept, I had often wondered why our culture does not grow more indoor and greenhouse food year round in their own home; especially when you can break even or save on food costs within months. Not only will the plants clean the air, the high quality will also be welcomed by the body, but, the fresh flavor is unsurpassed.

How To Grow Blog

The blog on this website will contain relevant grow advice for growing vegetables with various means; plant specific how to advice, hydroponics, organic hydroponics, dirt, industry facts like fertilizer shortages and doing less work to get more output.

Budget Growing

Since I had a history of building gardens from practically very limited financial resources, I have vast experience on bootstrapping systems on the cheap. Thus, I will like to contribute to the budget concerned grower. Product wise, I will offer many great consumer items that are gems and inexpensive.

High End Systems

However, Growlode will also retail high end, well built systems that are on the high cost end of the spectrum. Systems that will add to property value, enhance a yard or business and deliver top yields.

Organic and Hydroponic

No debate here. Both technologies are good. Growlode is dirt free. Systems are hydroponic and organic hydro(bioponic). The argument to what is better is based on your needs. But, one concept in these systems that will remain a focus is PESTICIDE-FREE.