Transplanting Rooted Strawberry Runners

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Strawberry Runner Transplant

When we grow strawberries(in our case everbearing types), we have the option to root the runners throughout summer and fall, even if the plants were started indoors from seed.

If they are from seed in the first year, it helps if they are started very early indoors under lights; such as January in the northern hemisphere. This way, they will produce fruit and even upwards 5 runners per plant.

When the strawberry runners are ready for rooting, they will take about a couple of weeks to make a newly rooted plant that can be separated from the mother and transplanted to a larger pot.

Although new plants are great, they will not be fruit bearers the first year. Thus, keeping them in small pots until the next season is an option to ensure they can stay protected and are strong the next season.

Runners transplanted into 3.5 inch pots showing new green growth

When the weather looks rather frost free long term, the plants can be transplanted to their final home. However, they can handle a few degrees subzero if the weather drops a little.

Transplanted runners in year 2
Newly transplanted runners in the spring

This Year

This season, we will monitor our plants and take runners from healthy, disease-free strawberries, perhaps, with an emphasis on the pink flowering ones.

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