Backyard Hydroponics

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Backyard Hydroponics

As I continue to sit and write posts about gardening, and in particular hydroponic food growing, this particular post titled ‘Backyard Hydroponics’ really sums up the purpose of such an activity, pastime, hobby or whatever you want to call it.

Thus, in a nutshell, the information relayed on this website is written in layman’s terms for easy understanding. Meanwhile, the procedures are simplified to help others that are interested to practice gardening so that water usage in minimized, money is saved, time is saved during the growing season and generalized growing methods can be implemented to achieve results like high germination rates, simple mass germination and mix making.

Backyard hydroponic farm
Backyard hydroponic farm

None of the info here was acquired overnight, but rather through at least 30 years of on and off research. Not just personal research, but, looking into countless tips from others delivered through conversing and reading.

As we move into the decade of the 2020s for which many communities declare a ‘climate change’ emergency, we can continue to look into changing our ways a little more radically than before? Just imagine, all this land surrounding communities for which we could produce more food, use less water and cut transportation emissions in the process. Furthermore, even more large buildings could add greenhouses to the roof to grow local food as well.

Unfortunately, most of what is visible in a state of climate emergency is laying out a few words to sound sympathetic and hip with the times, followed up by very little mass changes to the way we live.

So, as they say, knowledge is power. For us that want a better way, we can read these notes and take personal control of our production, given whatever space we have to work with. For others with limited space, we can communicate with politicians that may be willing to find a better way too.

In addition to attempting to take strides for acting properly in a state of climate emergency, two other large perks are the abundance of quality food and the positive feelings from managing the garden.

When done properly, standing in the middle of a productive vertical garden can become one’s favorite local spot surrounded by hundreds, if not thousands of plants that become part of our extended family.

As far as quality is concerned, having the tools to grow high end, specialty restaurant produce or expensive produce food for pennies on the dollar allows anyone to avoid the class system and eat high end produce like the wealthy. The days of looking at that expensive produce in the supermarket and having to opt out for the cheap stuff will be over.

With all that said, here is the spiel above and more, summarized by a few key points.

  • Saving water
  • Bigger yields in less time
  • Cutting fertilizer costs
  • Growing mass amounts of seeds with high germination rates in very little time
  • Buying equipment cheaply
  • Finding cheap materials
  • large yields in little space
  • Growing food as cheaply as possible(ie. lettuce for 5 cents a piece)
  • storing food as long as possible
  • Buying seeds
  • Growing multiple plant species with the same, appropriate system
  • Monitoring garden via a microcomputer
  • Superior, affordable food quality

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