Strawberry plants at 4 Months Old

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Strawberry seedlings 4 months old

As the weather turns in May, the strawberry plants are now in a protected, unheated greenhouse for which the weather is permitting. In other words, low night temps and frosty nights are not a factor.

As the month progresses, the plants are moved outside to get an hour or so of sunlight and progressively more so they can become hardened to sunlight.

They can be watered or fertilizer with a pump in a 55 gallon drum that is attached to a hose and nozzle. A 1000 gal/hr pump has just enough power to handle the feedings and watering.

With all the love and care into these plants that are all of 4 months old, we do have our first flowers. This means we will hit our goal which was ‘fruit from seed’.

First strawberry flower

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