Six Month Old Strawberry Plants in July

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Strawberry Plants at 6 months Old

It is now July, and most plants have multiple flowers. Thus, it looks like it could be a good year with fruit.

But, as the month progressed, we had noticed that some critter took a liking to red strawberries. With a little investigation, it led to birds because they would only take bites from the very top pots.

Therefore, out came the bird netting and that problem was taken care of.

strawberry plants at 6 months old

Asides from that, everything else seemed fine. The strawberries were fed well and on the same diet as all other annual veggies(asides from lettuces).

On the bottoms of the strawberries, Nasturtiums and Marigolds were planted to attract bees and keep the aphids under control. It always felt good to see the bees in the garden for their sake, not just the garden’s.

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