Early July Vertical Gardening and Microfarming Near Vancouver

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Bottom Flowers for eating and attracting bees.

The series of pictures with this article had been taken from July 1 to July 5, 2018. The new posts that are regularly added to this website are intended to help all gardeners, in any way possible. After all, caring for the Growlode Microfarm after transplanting is about as easy as mixing two Kool-aid packs and throwing them together…something that takes all of a couple minutes a day, or every few days.

After regular vending at the Squamish Farmers’ Market this year, there have been many discoveries and adjustments to our program. Growlode did manage to meet expectations for selling seedlings and lettuce. At times, we lowered the price to levels that were irresistible to price sensitive buyers and kept waste to almost nonexistent levels.

Looking around at the the other farms, it was obvious they had followings even though many took interest in knowing if they walked around they would have made savings. We have this ‘Dollar Store’ angle due to minimal costs and water usage without expanding beyond the 33% legal limit for Urban Farming land use either.

Being new, Growlode has no choice but to deliver at better rates. In addition, our precise growing methods and fertilizer making enable that to happen too and in the end, more people could eat better.

The best results are repeat visitors who mention comments like ‘Those plants we bought from you are growing fantastic. Thank you very much’. Or, ‘Thanks for all that lettuce’. After all, this venture had been taken on to provide local community and urban value doing activities that will make others healthier, happier and helping a wounded world at the same time.

With that update said, here are some recent photos I would like to share as this next set of pesticide free vegetables will be up for grabs; likely retailing for wholesale prices.

View of Vertical Microfarm From Higher Up

View of Vertical Microfarm From Higher Up

New Lettuce Transplants and Growth Stages

New Lettuce Transplants and Growth Stages

Close up of new Buttercrunch lettuce transplants

Close up of Buttercrunch lettuce transplants




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