Vertical Micro Farming Urban Style July 4 2018

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Pacific Northwest Vertical Garden 2018

As July rolls around, these blissful summer days are about as good as it gets for us and our plants. Those seedlings started anywhere from March through April will show explosive growth this month making gardens look more like jungles.

Unlike last year where the growing scale was much smaller, this year’s trial of growing over 2000 plants in the same system with small changes to the pump and header lines has not been a lot of extra effort thus far.

Luckily, while working full time, this small microfarm only required about 5-10 minutes a day of feeding maintenance. On days off, yes, time was eaten up making grow media, watering small seedlings and transplanting.

Back to the main system, here are a few pics that show recent progress on July 2 and July 4.

Peppers, Tomatoes and Cukes In Urban Microfarm Near Vancouver

Peppers, Tomatoes and Cukes Grown Near Vancouver

Tomatoes Grown 2018 in Pacific Northwest

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