Squamish Farmers’ Market 2018

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It looks as though Growlode Garden Shop was approved as a vendor for the Squamish Farmer’s in 2018. To keep things simple as an online store and a vendor, we have a limited plant and veggie menu this year with constant inventory adjustments.

Thus, the best way to order and keep up to date with the product list is to visit the online shop at https://growlode.com/shop/. In addition, Growlode will run plant auctions too to sell off stock to the lowest bid at https://growlode.com/auctions/.

Squamish Farmers Market product list for 2018

What is New?

To make it fun for all customers, Growlode will allow you to build your own custom plant assortments for our vertical garden systems. For example, for the hanging salad bowl, you can choose what plants you want in your assortment rather than have a stock product. For example, here a a 3 quad pot hanging basket system that holds 12 plants for which you can choose any combination you like.

Orders from the online shop can be delivered or picked up at the market; this way you can bypass the minimum free shipping on purchases over $50 that is required for Squamish residents.

Delivery to North Vancouver and West Vancouver will take place on Sundays and the minimum purchase is $100.

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