85 pipes and counting

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As a strong believer in the vertical pot system due to production, costs and beauty, the vertical garden has just moved from hobby size to mini farm. The ground cover will perform two tasks; not let weeds grow and remove the moss from underneath as moss had taken over almost all over town.

Pipes and vertical garden

In a couple of weeks time, it is time to decide what to grow; which will likely be a mix of ~ 2000 plants which will include cukes, lettuce, tomatoes and bell peppers. Since tomatoes only require 2 pots per pole, the garden could expand if there are many posts growing tomatoes. For other crops like lettuce, peppers and cukes with 3-6 pots per tiers, more pots will be used. Since two rows are at 3-foot centers, those will definitely be used for lettuce and kale.

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