Frozen and Dehyrated Produce From Fall harvest

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In our zone, the Pacific Northwest, we can grow all year long, but we must pick and choose our plants properly throughout the seasons. However, after the last frost in spring, summer and fall before frost is the peak season to get as much as possible to last throughout the year.

With a vertical garden, the surplus can allow a grower to have various storing options that can be quick and easy; like freezing and deydration. The frozen veggies still make great soups and pasta sauces. Chopped, unthawed Jalapenos still are a great addition to eggs in the morning to make those delicious ‘Huevos a la Mexicana’.

Assortment of Frozen Vegetables

Assortment of Frozen Vegetables

Dehydrated Tomatoes

Dehydrated Tomatoes; some red and some green

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