Introduction To Maintaining a Grow Room

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Maintaining the Grow Room

In this chapter, the instructions for building common simple and sophisticated growing systems have been detailed.

The next chapter will explain how simple it is to give the plants close to ideal growing conditions through climate control and the use of commercial and homemade plant food formulas. The idea is to give the plants what they need to reach near their maximum yield and quality potential.

To make the most of an indoor grow room, a grower must maintain the room. The following variables, 1 to 14, are discussed in this chapter. The variables for routine maintenance are:
1. Parts per million (the fertilizer concentration)
2. Solution PH (the acidity or alkalinity level)
3. Understanding the Hydroponic medium
4. The Feeding formula
5. Organic Hydroponics
6. Water quality
7. Carbon Dioxide
8. Lighting
9. Temperature and humidity
10. High-tech climate control
11. Power Consumption
12. Foliar Feeding
13. Predators
14. Pruning and Bending

This chapter explains the above variables in detail. The previous chapter described a number of systems for building a grow room, which, if properly carried out, will help control some of these variables, such as good air flow.

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