Soilless Mix Aframe System(V-System)

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DIY aframe system with pots and plant dishes

Soilless Mix Aframe System (V-System)


This system is used to grow small plants that will produce nice top buds, growing in 1-gallon pots. They are spaced at 8 to 10-inch centers. This system is more productive than a Sea of Green flat garden because a grower can cultivate more plants per square foot. It can be constructed with 2×4 wood, 1×6 wood, and nails for less than $30.


1. Six 12-foot lengths of 2×4 wood.
2. Four 12-foot lengths of 1×6 wood.
3. 31/2-inch nails.


1. Hammer.
2. Handsaw or circular saw.
3. Measuring tape.

soilless mix aframe system


A. The 2x4s are nailed together to make two right-angled triangles. The bottom width is 13 inches long and the height is 13 inches if the plants are spaced 8 inches apart. (Figure 4.313) Two frames are used in the system. (Figure 4.312)

B. The right-angled triangles are nailed together with two 2x4s. A small system could be 4 feet long, a longer system 7 to 8 feet long. (Figure 4.314)
A 2×4 is used to connect the two vertical pieces of 2×4 to give additional support. (Figure 4.314)

C. Two 6-inch pieces of 2×4 are nailed to the front of the frame 3 inches and 6 inches from the bottom. The 2×4 has 45° cuts next to the frame so that the top of it lies flat. (Figure 4.315)

setting up aframe system with soilless mix and pots

D. A 1×6 is nailed on top of the 2×4. (Figure 4.316)

E. 1-gallon pots with soilless mix are placed 8 inches apart on three different levels. 5 to 6 plants can be used for a 4-foot system, and 9 to 12 plants for an 8-foot system. (Figures 4.317 and 4.318) Plant dishes can be placed under each pot, or a plastic sheet can be placed on the floor to keep it clean.

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