Growing Jalapenos in the Pacific Northwest

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At first hear, you may not think of Jalapenos as a typical pepper plant to grow in the Pacific Northwest. What may come to mind is a hot pepper grown in a hot climate. With that said, apparently most Jalapeno production in US comes from New Mexico, Texas, and California.

However, you may be surprised to find they can grow abundantly in the Pacific Northwest. On a personal note, I have my eye on them because they can produce hundreds in about 9 square feet. Unlike bell peppers, Jalapeno peppers don’t require as much staking and are not as prone to wind damage. After all, they are much smaller than Bell peppers.

Another reason why they make such a good addition to a garden or commercial hydroponic garden is that they have had a history of salmonella and other microbial contamination from improper growing and improper handling; not to mention eating ‘Huevos a la Mexicana’ with fresh Jalapenos have a texture unrivaled by none.

As I stand and ponder larger hydroponic farming and Urban Farming, Jalapenos rank high on the list with Bell Peppers, lettuce and indeterminate vine tomatoes.

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