Pacific Northwest Vertical Garden in Early July 2017

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The photos in this post have all been taken in July, 2017. These plants had been transplanted to the vertical garden near mid-late May, 2017. The maintenance has not been that much more since the start. The major differences are adding a few new feeder lines to some tiers so that the pots that exist lower down receive adequate solution. Asides from that, the feeding schedule has increased. On sunny days, they are being fed at least once, if not twice a day. Not only does the feeding keep things productive, but it cools the root zone and helps prevent lettuce from bolting. There has been no staking.


Lettuce is still the same and being harvested regularly.
Lettuce grown in Pacific Northwest that did not bolt


Vigorous growth. Several different varieties.
Tomatoes grown in Pacific Northwest
Italia Tomatoes grown in Pacific Northwest
Beefsteak Tomatoes grown in Pacific Northwest

Looking below, from right to left on the first row are Beefsteak, Tiny Tim, peppers and Italia tomatoes.

Multiple varieties of Tomatoes grown in Pacific Northwest


The Jalapenos are coming as a bit of a surprise. They look like slow growers, but sure pack on the quantity per plant. It is not surprising to have 20 on a plant that is about a foot tall.
Jalapeno Peppers grown in Pacific Northwest


The peppers are very low maintenance and look like good producers. Looks like a very simple crop to grow on mass scale in the vertical garden.
Peppers grown in Pacific Northwest

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