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Acidic A solution or soil is acidic when the pH is less than 7.0.

Aeroponics A growing system in which plant roots are fed with a misted solution. An aeroponic system is similar to a misting system that is used in a supermarket to spray vegetables.

Alkaline A solution or soil is alkaline when the pH is greater than 7.0.

Breeding Making seeds from male pollen and female pistils.

Budding The process of producing flowers.

Clone A new plant that has the same genetic make up as the mother plant.
Cloning Making an identical genetic copy of the mother plant.

Composting Recycling household waste in order to make fertilizer.

Cutting see clone

Feeding Giving plants their desired plant food.
Flowering The process of producing flowers.

Flooding and Draining Feeding plant roots with a solution that floods a table, then drains back into a reservoir.

Flushing Removing salts from a growing medium. Flushing is also a process of removing elements from the leaves and flowers too.

Germinating Bringing a seed to life.

Hermaphrodites Plants that have both male and female reproductive parts.

Humidity It is a measurement of the percentage of moisture that is in the air.
Hydroponics Feeding plants with a nutrient solution in a medium that does not contain soil.

Medium The material a plant is grown in, such as soilless mix, perlite, rockwool, and coconut fibers.

Organic Naturally occuring fertilizers.

Parts per million (PPM) This is the amount of 1 part of something in a million parts of another. In terms of fertilizer, 1,500PPM means there are 1,500 parts of fertilizer in 1,000,000 parts of water.

pH The acidity of a solution. 7.0 is neutral, <7.0 is acidic and >7.0 is alkaline.

Pistil The female reproductive organ.
Pollen The fertilizing element of a flowering plant.

Predator Another living organism that targets the plant in order to feed and often weakens or kills it in the process.

Pruning Removing top and side shoots in order to produce a bushier plant.
Rejuvenating Bringing a harvested plant back into vegetative growth.

Reservoir The tank that holds nutrient solution in a hydroponic/aeroponic system.

Rooting The process of a clone forming new roots.
Seedlings Young plants that were started from seed. The seedling phase lasts somewhere near 5 weeks before the plants grow at a fast rate.

Sexing Forcing a seedling to show it reproductive organs.

Shoots The new plant growth that extends from branches.

Soilless mix A growing medium that is mainly composed of peat moss, perlite, and lime.

Strain A variety of flowering plants, such as Timewarp and Blueberry.

Sweating Drawing moisture from the stalks of dried flowers.

Top-feeding Applying a nutrient solution from the top of the growing medium.

Training Positioning limbs with string, plant yo-yos, etc., in order to allow the plant to receive more light.

Transplanting Moving plants into a new medium.

Vegetative growth The growth phase before plants produce buds.

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